All of our services are built upon the bedrock of our research capabilities. With more than 10,000 volumes, our art library is amongst the very best. As we have subscribed to the major auction house fine art catalogues for three decades, we have access to information which is not even available on Sotheby’s and Christie’s own sites, much less the on-line art databases. Much information, especially that pertaining to authenticity and provenance, has never made the leap from the printed page to the Web. Additionally, high-resolution images from actual catalogue pages far outstrip those generally available thereon. If some publication cannot be located in our offices, we have unrivalled access to top art libraries in the U.S., (the Frick Art Reference Library, the Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Getty, among them).

Our fees are competitive and charged on an hourly, not a percentage, basis.
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